Personal Training

Coach Olivier Nazaire

     Lead skills and development coach at Elite Basketball Academy, Olivier Nazaire has been coaching for over 8 years. During his time running the skills and development program Coach Olivier has helped hundreds of athletes meet their athletic and personal goals, athletes such as Carlo Cerchione, Erick Monert, Johnathon Rios and many more.


    Our biggest success stories have earned an opportunity to play both at the High school and Collegian level for schools such as Columbus Sr High, Archbishop Carroll Sr High, Miami Christian Sr High, Davis College, Missouri Valley University and St Thomas University. With all his success, Olivier’s biggest asset as a coach and trainer is his passion to see other athletes reach their goals. Coach Olivier trains alongside the very kids he coaches, providing a very energetic and competitive atmosphere. 

Why Training?

     With personal training, our trainers are able to pinpoint and focus on each athlete’s weaknesses/bad habits. In our program each session will last for one hour in length, giving our lead coaches ample time to develop the athlete’s individual skills.This program is geared towards parents who want their kids to improve on a specific skill or area of the game of basketball.  


What will your child learn?

Skill breakdown


Ball Handling:

  • Fundamental/control of the ball

  • Isolation moves

  • Transition moves

  • Explosion/attacking the gap

  • Ball control under pressure


Form Shooting:

  • Steps to improving shot form

  • Spot up jump shots

  • Shooting off the dribble

  • Free throws

  • Contested shooting


Defensive Principles:

  • Proper defensive form

  • Defensive rotation (ball, line, help)

  • Perimeter defense

  • Low post defense

  • Full court press


Post offense:

  • Footwork

  • Strength in the low post

  • Offensive rebounds

  • Contested layups

  • Screen & roles