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1. Where are the practices?

  • Practices are held at Miami Christian HS: 200 NW 109th AVE Miami, FL 33172


2. What is the price range?

  • There is NO registration fee.

  • Skill Development: $85 -$110 per month, depending on the program you choose for your child. 

  • Bronze Program ($85): Includes 8 skills and development practices a month, which is twice a week.

  • Silver Program ($110): Includes 8 practices a month and 2-3 games a month.


3. What times are the practices and their age range?



4. Are there games, if so, when and where are they? 

  • The games take place on Sundays at Miami Christian High School: 

  • 200 NW 109th Ave, Miami, FL 33172

  • All of our games take place in an indoor facility. 










5. Under what circumstances are practices canceled?

  • Since practices are held indoors, the only event in which we cancel is when there is a special holiday and we will send out a message to inform parents that practice is canceled. When we do cancel practice we will inform parents of the make up practice day, usually Saturday morning.


6. Is the uniform included, if so, what is included in the uniform?

  • Upon registration for the Bronze ($85) program, there is an additional one-time payment of $10 for the practice t-shirt.

  • Upon registration for the Silver ($110) program, there is an additional one-time payment of $35 for the uniform, which includes a practice t-shirt, a red jersey, a white jersey and game shorts.

7. How long is the membership/season?

  • We are a YEAR ROUND basketball academy, which means your child can register and leave the academy any time they want with NO financial penalty.


8. How are payments made?

  • We ONLY accept debit/credit cards. We bill the card on file automatically every month. In example, if you register on June 5th, the card will be automatically billed on the 5th of every month starting the month after registration.


9. How can I cancel my child's membership?

  • You need to let us know via e-mail (elitebap001@gmail.com). We also need to know you want to cease all future automatic payments AT LEAST 7 business days before your next billing date.