Rules and Regulations


Jewelry of any kind will not be permitted on the athletes’ person during the game. Athletic accessories such as mouth guards, knee braces, and headbands are acceptable at the discretion of the coach or game official. Those who do not bring the jersey and/or shorts that has been provided to them will receive a technical foul at the start of the game. Once the game has begun all jerseys must be tucked in for the entire length of official game time. Proper footwear is required to participate in the games. Sandals of any kind will NOT be permitted. Crocs and low top casual shoes (polos, converse, etc.) are dangerous for athletic use and are not acceptable during the game.



Every team is required a minimum of four players (3 players minimum for elementary JV) to participate in the games. If players are missing and a team does not have a minimum of four the game clock will begin to run, with one point awarded to the opposite team for every minute the game is held behind. If a player is absent for their scheduled game he/she will not be able to participate in another unless approved by the lead coach present. If one team is short players they may use athletes from another team so long as the opposing coach agrees on the individual.


Fouls and Behavior

Every player is allotted a maximum of four fouls. Upon receiving their fifth foul the player will have “fouled out” and will be required to sit out for the remainder of the game. Technical fouls will count as one personal foul and receiving two technical fouls will result in the immediate ejection of the player. A technical foul can be the result of, but is not limited to:

  • The use of foul language

  • Improper game attire

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Delay of game

  • Inappropriate activity

  • Overuse of timeouts


Elite Basketball Academy does not condone violence of any kind and any such acts of violence will result in the immediate removal of the athlete from the game and possibly the athletic program. In the case of a technical foul, the opposite team will be awarded 2 foul shots as well as possession.


Game Regulations

Elite Basketball Game Rules:


  1. All games will be played as follows:

  • Middle and High School (Grades 6 through 12) will consist of two 18 minute halves (running clock until the last two minutes) and will use a regulation size basketball.

  • Elementary JV and Elementary V will play two 16 minute halves (running clock until the last two minutes) and will use the 28.5 intermediate size ball.

  1. No game will start before the scheduled time unless both coaches agree. There will be a minimum of a 2 minute warm-up period. Halftime will be 2 minutes unless both coaches agree to start earlier.

  2. Timeouts will be awarded as (2 Full / 2 Thirty Second)

  • 2 minutes for overtime

  • One extra timeout will be awarded to both coaches

  • Clock will stop at every whistle

  1. The clock only stops during free-throws, time-outs, and whistle stoppage during the last 2 minutes of the half. In the case of a score difference of at least 20, the clock will only stop during time-outs

  2. Two (2) direct technical fouls during a game on a player, coach, or team representative will result in their ejection from that game. Fighting and gross unsportsmanlike behavior can result in the individuals removal from the athletic program.

  3. Each team is responsible for their warm-up and game balls and or any other items brought into the game. Elite Basketball Academy is not responsible for any lost items.